What small startups look for in an office space

Small Startups

With the surge in remote work and co-working arrangements, a common debate for small startups is whether they need to acquire office space for rent. Regardless of the evolving working landscape, some startups thrive in having an organized workspace where teams can collaborate and grow.

However, a startup’s success can depend largely on the workspace that a company chooses to operate in. The office should meet the needs of the team and the growing business; otherwise, the efforts of acquiring an office space becomes futile. The following qualities are what most entrepreneurs look for when choosing a small office space for rent that meets the business’s needs and leaves room for continued growth.

Office Space for Small Startups
Office Space for Small Startups

Affordability and long term cost-savings

Naturally, every business owner is interested in an office space for rent that is within their budget. The most significant factor, of course, is the monthly rent. However, a few other elements can come into play when it comes to affordability and cost-savings.

Team members are looking to move away from the stuffy office and into buildings that offer a beautiful space for modern startups. Consider new facilities with upgraded eco-friendly features and details that help retain and attract talents, such as free parking and open designs that motivate and inspire workers.

Functionality and nearby amenities

An increasing number of companies are looking for workspaces away from downtown and into the suburbs where new opportunities arise. Investors, architectures, and designers alike are now finding ways to incorporate the convenience and feel of downtown buildings into the new working landscape.

Startup business owners are looking for office spaces for rent close to amenities such as grocery stores, gyms, dentists’ offices, medical centres, schools, daycares, and more. A bonus is buildings with in-house amenities such as wellness centres and yoga studios to promote work-life balance.

Office spaces close to other small businesses also give entrepreneurs the added advantage of new opportunities. Startups can collaborate, work within communities, and forge lasting relationships with other local businesses.

Common spaces and collaborative designs

Startup companies often need common spaces to allow for easy collaboration and to solve big problems efficiently. Business owners typically look for an office space for rent that balances privacy and an open design to allow for collective work. An office building that offers an outdoor space to work has proven benefits of increased creativity and reduced workers’ stress.

Office size and resources

Adequate office size is one that can fit a startup company’s existing workforce while having enough room for growth. Today’s business owners are not merely looking for a place to operate in; they are looking for a space that allows for professional development opportunities.

Employees who can see and feel a company’s efforts and willingness to invest in their growth are significantly more likely to be satisfied. Furthermore, they are more motivated to be a part of the journey to build the company from a startup to a thriving business.

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