About Us

Our work space was built on the idea that living and working in the same area breeds success and improved well-being. How people work around the globe is changing and we’re here to redefine the work space in Calgary.

That’s why we’ve broken ground on providing work space amenities in the suburbs, perfect for the working parent. We believe in flexible spaces, where you can thrive in community and collaboration. We believe in personable relationships with our tenants so you can focus on work while we take care of the rest.

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Our History

MartinVest is a Calgary-based company owned and operated by the Martin family. With over 30 years of experience building successful companies in the Oil & Gas industry, we have recently expanded into building new commercial suburban office and work spaces in Calgary.

“We chose to build in Calgary because this is home and a great city to make a life in. In the long term, we can’t go wrong by building a high quality, well designed building in a great location.” – Danny Martin, President 

What Makes Us Different?

We’re inspired by the new work movement happening across the globe, where working close to home away from the stuffy downtown office is becoming the norm.

Studies have shown that the combination of a well-designed work environment and the proximity of your work space are the reasons for higher levels of thriving and higher success rates both professionally and personally.

People who are given flexibility in their work environment while being able to balance their family life show increased happiness, productivity, purpose, and meaning.

We’ve dedicated this vision to providing a space in Calgary for the working family to work, meet, and connect without compromising the functionality and elegance of a downtown office and the convenience of nearby amenities.

As a family-owned company, we understand the needs of the working parent. We know the importance of work-life balance and how it can greatly affect your work, productivity, and overall health.

Our mission is to build a strong relationship between where you work and where you live.

Come be a part of our family.

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