Tips to upgrade your commercial space for retail

Commercial retail space small business Calgary

When you are looking for a Calgary modern retail commercial spaces builder to open your next business venture, look for a building that accommodate a variety of tenants. Leasing a commercial retail space for small business in Calgary is a great way to improve your traffic and put your services in front of new clients.

Are you tired of the same old look at your current location? It’s time you gave your business a lift by upgrading to a location that offers both amenities for you and ease of access to your clients.

What should you be looking for when upgrading your commercial space in Calgary?

Location, location, location

As with any real estate transaction, a very important factor for your retail space is location. Buildings situated in areas where there is a blend of both residential clients and commercial clients give your business good exposure. Keep in mind that location is not just about where the property is on Google Maps, but it is also about where the property is in relation to complementary businesses.

For example, if your retail business is offering fitness or dance to all ages of clients, you may want a location that is near residential areas so your clients don’t have to travel far from home for your services. Similarly, a retail space for your professional services like dental or medical is ideally located where there is easy access to neighbourhoods. This gives your patrons the convenience of not having to travel into the city centre to visit you.

Opt for a building with free parking

Every big city has parking fees for the majority of the city centre. If you are looking to upgrade your commercial retail space for small business in Calgary, look for a location that offers parking for both your staff and your clients. It’s always a bonus for anyone coming to your place of business to not have to pay that hourly rate on top of any money they spend at your establishment. Free parking is not just in the game of “Monopoly”. There are a host of commercial builders who offer parking along with your lease.

Modern Architecture and quality construction makes an impact

Upgrade your retail space by leasing in a building that provides both new construction and pleasing architecture. Newer buildings in Calgary are often more environmentally friendly and efficient. You will be happy to incur fewer occupancy costs when the building you lease your space at is both LEED certified and without the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

Calgary modern retail commercial spaces builders have much to offer any business. Isn’t it time you thought about making the move to upgrade your business’ image?

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