Current Development:

The Link will serve the North West community of Royal Oak as a high-quality multi-tenant office space providing a quality destination with exceptional experience for tenants and visitors, both inside and out.

The beautifully designed building meshes the character of its surrounding area through quality architecture, enhanced landscaping, and  carefully positioned site configuration to showcase the mountains and walking paths that surround the building.


09/01/2015: Construction Fence is in place along with our signage


07/21/2016: Construction team is on site and excavation has started


08/04/2016: Foundations being poured


08/19/2016: Rain clouds above but work continues


09/02/2016: Stair shafts poured and walls formed


09/15/2016: Jump shafts are being lifted in by crane


09/30/2016: Stair shaft completed, parkade taking shape


10/14/2016: Main floor slab rebar is being installed and form work is finished.


10/28/2016: Site Services being installed


11/12/2016:  Prepping for second floor slab/ finishing site backfill


01/02/2017- Roof slab has been poured and windows are now being framed in